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Nehemiah Campaign

Walls can be seen as a source of imprisonment and division. They are often referred to as things we need to break down and overcome. However, when we look at walls in the Bible, they are also seen as structures that protect, provide security, and represent a place of shelter, forming a sense of belonging and adding strength to a community.

The book of Nehemiah is divided into two sections. The first half has to do with the construction of the walls of Jerusalem. This building project would provide protection, security, shelter, and a sense of belonging for the citizens of Jerusalem, thus bringing strength to the community. The remaining chapters have to do with instructing the people on how they should conduct themselves and live Godly lives.

By joining us in The Nehemiah Campaign, you are supporting our vision for NCS, which is to build walls of stability and strength in the lives of young people while creating a sense of belonging inside of the NCS community but more importantly the Kingdom of God. You are also helping us provide Godly instruction and a quality Christian education as we endeavor to train warriors for Christ.

Just like Nehemiah, we have a lot to do, but with your support we can accomplish much for the Kingdom of God! Funds that are raised through the Nehemiah Project will go to projects such as building a covered courtyard area for our high school building with picnic tables and benches. We would like to place smart boards in every classroom as well as provide as many student computers as possible. Our PreK playground needs improvements along with our original gym. We are needing to purchase a new van to use for our sports programs and school trips. This list can go on! It’s a big vision, but we serve a BIG God!

Once again, thank you so much for your past support and we ask that you would prayerfully consider joining with us in this vision and supporting us again.



To give online with your credit or debit card to the Nehemiah Campaign you will be directed to Northside Assembly of God’s Online giving form. You can then make one time payments or setup reoccurring payments if you would like.

Our goal is to ensure that every student gets the information they need. Download the NCS handbook.
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