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Student Council


The purpose of the Student Council is to create unity among students, administration, faculty, clubs, and community by establishing communication channels. The Students Council shall coordinate, evaluate all school clubs. It shall promote school spirit and positive club interaction and encourage an attitude of Christian values based on our school’s philosophy.


Elections are held in April for those seeking an office. Those interested must attend an election workshop.

Who joins?

Student Council is for those who are interested in the world they live. The members of this excellent club are hard working, dedicated students who are eager to learn all they can about this fantastic subject. Those who join are usually students with a high grade point average, a history of extracurricular activities, and most importantly a desire to learn and experience as much as possible.

Student Council Activities

  • Chamber of Commerce Banquet
  • See You at the Pole
  • Orientation Night Activities
  • Game Week
  • Homecoming Banquet
  • High School Christmas Party


  • President – Zoe Miller
  • Vice President – Damian Istre
  • Secretary – Sophie Finley
  • Reporter – Ansleigh Fontenot
  • Spirit Officer – Cassidy Armstrong

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