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The program of studies at  NCS is based on the  philosophy of education, the requirements of the Department of Education of the State of Louisiana, and the general entrance requirements of colleges, universities, and career training programs.
The Louisiana Department of Education has made changes to their previous graduation requirements and has adopted two new pathways. To graduate from the State of Louisiana, a student must follow either the TOPS University Diploma or the Jump Start Career Diploma. NCS only offers the TOPS University Diploma Track. This does not insure a student will receive the TOPS Scholarship Award. To receive the TOPS Award, students must also meet ACT and GPA requirements outlined by the TOPS program. The required NCS program of studies is outlined below.
All NCS students will be required to complete the requirements of the Louisiana University Diploma. Graduation from NCS and participation in graduation ceremonies will require:
● A total of 24 units of credit
● Scheduling 7 units per year including a Bible class each year as outlined in the program of studies above.
● Successfully passing Bible each year.
● Taking all midterm and final exams (unless exempt).
● Fulfillment of all obligations and commitments, including financial.
● The Principal’s approval.
● Graduates must follow the Louisiana University Curriculum, which provides all courses necessary for admission to Louisiana colleges and universities.


Course Units Required Ninth Tenth Eleventh Twelfth
English 4 Units English I English II English III English IV
Math 4 Units Algebra I Algebra II Geometry Advanced Math
Science 4 Units Physical Science Biology Chemistry Physics, Earth Science, or Biology II
Social Studies 4 Units World Geography American History Civics World History
Bible 4 Units Bible I Bible II Bible III Bible IV
Spanish 2 Units Spanish I Spanish II
Publications 1 Units Publications I
Computer 1 Units Computer I
Health/ P.E 3 Units Physical Education I Physical Education II Physical Education III
Fine Arts 1 Units Fine Arts
Our goal is to ensure that every student gets the information they need. Download the NCS handbook.
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