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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment For Seniors

Any senior of NCS that wishes to pursue a dual credit course must notify the school of intentions so that proper communications can result between NCS and the chosen university of said student. This must be done before April of the student’s Junior year.  A parent conference along with the student and the principal is necessary before final arrangements are made for administrative approval. All financial obligations must be up to date for NCS in order for the student to enroll in a dual credit course. (There will be no reduction or prorating of our tuition – the rate will remain the same for student’s Senior year. )

At the current moment, we will allow for dual credit for two courses only, Advanced Math and English 4. Depending on the requirements of the chosen university, the student must have the proper GPA and ACT scores to be considered for dual course enrollment. NCS is a TOPS University diploma tract school; therefore, a student must pass all courses in order to graduate from NCS according to the state of Louisiana standards. It is the discretion of the NCS administration to accept or deny the course equivalencies according to the guidelines of the Louisiana Department of Education.

As long as the dual credit course is the proper grade equivalency of the course listed in our handbook necessary for the student to graduate, NCS will count that college course as a high school credit, resulting in the earning of a Carnegie unit. The school reserves the right to post the grade earned on the high school transcript as one letter grade higher than the one posted on the college transcript reflecting a different level of rigor and for the proper adjustment of our grading scale.

Advanced Math Equivalencies English 4 Equivalencies
LSU-E Math 1021* & 1022 LSU-E Engl 1001* & 1002
ULL Math 105* & ULL Engl 101* & 102

Once the specific NCS graduation requirements are satisfied, the student may enroll in other prerequisite college courses since modifications were made to their daily school schedule.

Be aware that all dual credit courses enrolled may affect the student’s overall high school GPA and therefore affect the earning of various high school accolades.

Our goal is to ensure that every student gets the information they need. Download the NCS handbook.
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