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Financial Information

Tuition & Fee Schedule

Contact the school office for tuition rates and fees.

The Board of Directors approves the annual budget for Northside Christian School. NCS is dependent on the payment of these fees and other donations to support its operational budget.

Tuition is due for the full year. It may be paid annually, semi-annually or monthly. If paid monthly tuition is due by the first or fifteenth of each month, depending on the actual FACTS agreement chosen. A late fee of $25 will be assessed on all tuition not paid on time. NSF fees will be applied to all checks returned to NCS for insufficient funds. The parent will be required to pay with a cashier’s check or cash if NSF checks are a repeated problem.

If a child attends any portion of a month, the parent owes for the entire month.

You can manage your FACTS account here.

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