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Gideon’s 300

Who is your hero? A hero is defined by Google as “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, out- standing achievements, or noble qualities.” Wikipedia goes on to define a hero as “a real person who, in the face of danger, combats adversity through feats of ingenuity, bravery or strength.”

In a world of fictional superheroes, two “real-life” heroes come quickly to my mind. One, of course, is my mom. The other is an individual I have never met, yet his impact on my life has altered my way of looking at challenges that arise. His story can be found in the Bible in Judges 6-8.

Gideon, a man who viewed himself as the least in his family in the least of the tribes of Israel, was viewed instead by God as a mighty man of valor. I will not take the time here to go into all the details of his story but will challenge you to read it, if you are not familiar with this man.

This unlikely hero personified Google’s definition as he courageously faced the dangers of the oppressive Midianites and with just three hundred warriors combatted adversity and achieved victory using a most ingenious strategy that could only come from our omnipotent God.

What lesson can be learned from this hero of days gone by? What remains relevant for us in 2018? “Little is much when God is in it.” When the odds of victory were overwhelmingly stacked against him, Gideon faced the battle and won.

Thirty-eight years ago, through the vision God gave Pastor Loyd Singley, Northside Christian School was established to serve the parents and children of two generations achieving victory in the face of adversities such as economic downturns and society’s liberal shift away from a God-centered world view. We remain committed to that vision. Will you help us?

Will you join our new campaign of giving, Gideon’s 300? Will you become 1 of 300 heroes? Gideon’s 300 has been established to allow donors to choose one of three levels of giving. Donors may make their donation as a one-time gift or as monthly donors. Your help will make a difference in the lives of our students as we endeavor to enhance our academic program, improve our facilities, and raise our teachers’ salaries. Without you, all this remains a dream. With you, however, “little can become much.”

Thank you for taking the time to join us in prayer and considering how you can help us here at Northside Christian School. Make your check payable to Northside Christian School and label it for Gideon’s 300. Thank you for becoming 1 of Gideon’s 300 and making a difference in our school.



To give online with your credit or debit card to the Gideon’s 300 campaign you will be directed to Northside Assembly of God’s Online giving form. You can then make one time payments or setup reoccurring payments if you would like.

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